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Professionalism is the word that is usually used to describe the concrete work that my company, Earp Construction & Excavating Company INC does. No matter what type of concrete contractor work I do, I make sure that it is done seamlessly. I put a lot of effort into my concrete work and my customers have responded well. They call me for all of their concrete paving and installation needs and refer my company to their closest friends and relatives.

There is so much I can do for your Huntington, Ashland, or Charleston, WV property with my concrete work ion Virginia. Take a look at some of the projects I am capable of:

● Concrete Basements—Let me and my team build you a great new basement for your home. My concrete basements not only look great but they are constructed with the utmost in craftsmanship so you can be sure that they will last for a very long time.

● Foundation Repairs and Installation—You will only have professional masons working on your building’s foundation. All of our repair work is in line with building codes and regulations.

● Driveways—Whether you need a new driveway for your commercial business or private residence, count on my company to build you a quality driveway that will be functional and durable.

There is so much more that my concrete work can do for your commercial property or residence. I work with only the finest concrete and take the time needed for smooth and even concrete paving. You can hire Earp Construction & Excavating Company INC in Huntington, Ashland, or Charleston, WV for smaller concrete jobs like patio building and retaining wall construction as well. I am here to meet your needs.

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